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5 things to consider when creating a new website

Susanna Townsend | January 14, 2015

5 things to consider when creating a new website


Whether you are starting up a brand new business, taking an existing business online or simply need to add some wonder to your website, every good business needs an even better site that will be engaging and useful to customers. With millions of business websites already online, it’s more important than ever to make yours accessible and eye catching. It takes only six seconds for a customer to decide if they want to stay on your site, so make those seconds count with these top tips for creating an effective new website.


Graphics will be the first thing a customer sees when they visit your site. Online, first impressions count for everything. The better and more professional your site looks at first glance, the more likely customers are to invest in your brand and take it seriously. You can help to create a memorable brand by using consistent graphics on your website with a clear theme. A few simple, well placed graphics will make a world of difference to the quality of your website without distracting from the content.


While it’s very important to grab your visitor’s attention when they first come to the site, it is equally crucial that your content is concise, useful and effective on every page. If customers have to wade through paragraphs of text to find a piece of information, they are unlikely to look for long. Small boxes of text, informative headers and interesting videos can give visitors all the information they need while not having to trawl through lots of text.

Domain name

A domain name that is easy to remember will keep bringing new and existing visitors to your site time and time again. Your domain name needs to be short and easy to spell so that searchers find the right site every time. It is usually worth paying more for a clearer and more memorable domain name. Really generic terms to do with your business and .com addresses are always worth a bit of extra money if you are able to get hold of one. Make sure that your domain name sounds professional so visitors will take your business seriously.


One of the things that will deter visitors from your website more than anything else is not being able to navigate around your website properly. One of the first things that you need to think about when it comes to accessibility is the CMS that you are using. Make sure that your chosen CMS is designed with accessibility in mind. Use clear, correct headings on your homepage to make sure customers are directed to where they need to go. You also need to make sure that your links are clear and go to the right page when clicked on.

Social media

Your online business doesn’t just stop at your website. Link up your social media accounts to your website, either with widgets or logos with links to each site. On your social media pages, include a link to your website. That way, customers will easily be able to engage with your business and stay in touch.

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