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Where it started


digiDen Creative Media is the result of Susanna Townsend's burning passion for everything related to design and creativity. After completing her HND in Media and New Media, she saw countless businesses suffering at the hands of 'design mills' who were churning out bland designs for them in the name of creativity. Susanna's entrepreneurial spirit saw this gap as the best opportunity to follow her passion while helping businesses with their design needs.

With her experience and commitment, she hand-picked a tech-savvy team of creatives and her efforts paid off in the shape of digiDen Creative Media in 2005! And the market was waiting for someone who can understand their needs and provide genuine solutions for the long-term instead of getting cheap 'quick fixes'. digiDen was a success right off the bat and an impressive number of reputable (and demanding!) clients have been satisfactorily served since then.

Since its inception, the powerhouse behind the creative success of digiDen has been its global team of core design specialists which works remotely from different geographical locations. Team digiDen consists of highly talented and accomplished members who are deeply committed to solve your business's design problems - whenever you need help.

digiDen Team roles:

  • Web design consultant
  • Web developer
  • Graphic designers
  • Artist/Illustrator
  • Photographers

With such a diverse and strong team, that is 100% committed to its vision of providing the best in class business design services, we have been able to wow businesses of all sorts – ranging from a self-employed painter & decorator to a sizable national university and large government entities.

At digiDen, we form a deep strategic partnership with you to fully understand your needs and then offer the best solution that actually delivers the desired results.

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