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3 Good Reasons why you should ask digiDen to build and host your Website

Susanna Townsend | August 4, 2014

Web Hosting

Everyone in business (and others too) should have a website. It’s an essential part of business marketing and communication.

You will have seen adverts encouraging you to “do it yourself”, and build your own site, so maybe you think “I’ll have a go”.

Here are three things to consider before you take this route, rather than asking digiDen to work on your behalf to build the website you’ll be proud to call yours.

  1. You want your website to reflect the professional nature of your business so surely you need a professional designer to produce the goods. You know some sites do look so much better than others. That’s not chance, it’s skill and experience!
  2. Your business uses YOUR talents, skills and expertise so why waste precious time you could be spending on your business, doing the things you’re good at, trying to “do it yourself”.
  3. Websites, in common with other forms of communication technology, can be subject to technical problems and increasingly, can be subject to hacking. If the site you’ve just spent days building goes down- you’ve seen those white screens with ERROR written across them- what will you do? Who will you ask to help? digiDen offers high class build and hosting packages that can minimise these potential hazards and help you if the worse happens.

In line with lots of things in life, you get what you pay for. So if you are considering having a website take time to consider what’s important to you and look at the service we can provide.

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A gifted digital designer as well as the founder of digiDen Creative Media. Susanna is a creative who enjoys taking her clients’ brands to the next level with her strong aesthetics and tech-savviness. Since 2005, an ever-growing list of diverse businesses has come to rely on her digital visual solutions to achieve their business results. Susanna has a strong passion for visual design, imagery, technology, her animals, and the beach!

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