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Filming Guidelines for Production of a Website Video

Susanna Townsend | May 1, 2014

End product:

A 2-3 minute film which will become part of your website.

Shooting ratio: 10:1

For a 2 – 3 minute film you’ll be looking to shoot roughly 30 minutes of footage.  We will accept up to 1 hour but you’re aiming to shoot 30 minutes of footage. For each shot start recording 5-10 seconds before the action happens and again continue for 5-10 seconds at the end of each shot, (to ensure you don’t miss anything and it makes editing much easier). Make sure your subject is in focus.

The 3 Stages of Film Making:

  1. Pre-Production – Planning the shoot: storyboarding, scriptwriting, shot list. Preparing locations, organising interviews, gathering props.
  2. Production – The Filming: Filming all of your footage, interviews, cutaway shots and recording sound.
  3. Post- Production – Putting the film together: Reviewing footage, Editing, adding music, narration, adding titles, credits, logos etc.

Important Production Points to Remember: 

  • Shoot it ‘landscape,’  (not portrait)
  • Keep the camera as steady as possible, if you have a tripod use it.  If not you can use a table or chair or wall to rest the camera on.  If you are filming handheld tuck your elbows in and steady your own body against something to help keep as still as possible.
  • Make sure the room is as light as possible or film outside using natural light.
  • Sound – be aware of background noise and ask everyone to keep as quiet as they can.  If music is playing turn it off.  If unexpected sounds occur while filming re-do the shot.
  • If you have an external microphone, plug it in and wear headphones.  Check it works: record a couple of seconds and play it back, adjust levels if necessary.

Filming an interview

  • Make sure the camera is a similar height to the person being filmed for a level eye line.
  • Ask the interviewee not too look straight into the camera but to look at the interviewer.  Ideally the interviewer will sit next to the camera as close as possible.
  • Pause between each question.  If the interviewee gets flustered, pause and ask the question again.
  • Use open questions so that the interviewee says more than just yes or no.

Film a short test clip and play back to check everything is working!


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