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Maintenance: The Key to a Winning Website

Susanna Townsend | August 11, 2017

Maintenance-The Key to a Winning Website

Hand over the maintenance to professionals
and focus on growing your business  

Why Invest in a Website?

These days, even brick and mortar businesses cannot turn a blind eye to their digital presence. For digital businesses, the stakes are even higher since their website is analogous to their storefront. According to the MineWhat Blog, a whopping 81% of shoppers go online to research any product before making their final buying decision! Now that you know that almost all of your buyers will be flipping through your website first, it goes without saying that your website demands your due attention if you want a healthy conversion rate. So be prepared to commit a fair share of your resources in developing your business website just like high street stores invest heavily in developing a snazzy storefront.

Your website’s look and feel is not the only aspect that you need to perfect. It’s smooth functioning is just as important. Even a tiny error can dampen your website visitors’ experience – overshadowing all your efforts expended on its aesthetics. A well-oiled website is also key to your success because it is at the heart of all your digital marketing endeavours. Moreover, traffic from all social media channels and advertisements will be directed to your website and there is little room for mistakes at this level. Such is the importance of a properly working website.

Websites Need Constant Attention

Owing to its vital place in your business assets, getting a website created exactly the way you want is a dream come true. Many businesses put a lot of time and resources into the process of getting the perfect website developed. However, they soon make a huge mistake that jeopardises their efforts: the mistake of not investing enough resources in the important task of website maintenance. With the passage of time, even seemingly small bugs start eroding the user experience – stealing the pleasure of smoothly gliding through your website.

Running a website is an ongoing activity and needs constant weeding and pruning. If left on its own, the performance of a website can go downhill and even crash altogether. You should not expect your visitors to report website glitches because they quite simply won’t. Only a regular maintenance process can ensure that your website is in its best shape – at all times. Problems with your website or downtime leads to lost business, which is far costlier than having your website maintained by professionals.

Rewards of Website Maintenance

A well-maintained website pays off big time. Here is a list of the major benefits you can get by adopting the best website maintenance practices:

  • Better uptime – The worst enemy of your website and your business is downtime. Downtime hits your business on a number of levels including search engine rankings, visitor experience, business image, and of course your bottom line. However, by systematically maintaining your website, you can significantly cut back on avoidable downtimes and avoid all such setbacks to compete successfully with your rivals.
  • Pleasant user experience – A well-maintained website means an error-free website. Visitors will have a great time breezing through your website seamlessly, which will leave a good impression and they will be inclined to keep coming back.
  • Enhanced security – Hackers are ruthless these days. Even a giant like HBO got attacked recently and the fourth episode of Game of Thrones leaked before its scheduled airing. Websites not laced up with the latest updates are more vulnerable to such attacks. The best bet in this case is to keep your website up to date and safeguarded against potential attacks.

To reap these benefits, it is absolutely necessary for your website’s maintenance to be in professional hands.

Our WebCare Plans

We do not leave you all alone after we are done with developing your website. At digiDen, we have a range of carefully designed WebCare Plans to cover all your website maintenance needs. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from our plans or ask for our help to identify the best plan that gives you the most value.

Once you have signed up for a plan, we take over your website’s maintenance, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Our Webcare Plans come with a certain amount of time dedicated for your website support and different tasks. We go the extra mile to let you use this time to pick the brains of Susanna Townsend, digiDen’s founder and a sought-after web design consultant.

Maintenance is a Professional’s Job 

Many website owners are under the illusion that maintenance is not that big of an issue and they can do it themselves. Let us assure you that website maintenance is a systematic job and needs to be done in an organised manner. If your website has gone haywire or is experiencing hiccups, how would you know whether this is the result of your tinkering with something seemingly simple or because of a plugin update? In such situation, even a professional will have to go through an arduous process just to find the root cause. It’s best to hand over your website’s technical matters to professionals who will maintain a detailed record of every change made in your website. At the same time, we strongly encourage you to keep your website updated with fresh and engaging content.

Maintenance is Cheaper than Crisis Management

If you are not sure what you are doing, there are good chances for you to worsen the problem instead of solving it. After that, when professional help is commissioned, it takes more time to track the exact problem before the debugging can start. As a result, you will end up spending more time and money on rectifying a single error and the loss of business during the outage is another story.

Focus on Your Growth

The experts’ advice is to let the professionals manage your website’s maintenance. This way, you can afford to take your eyes off your website related worries and focus on your core business activities.

At digiDen, we have painstakingly designed a whole spectrum of website maintenance plans just to ensure the best quality of services and value for your money.

Feel free to choose from our bespoke WebCare Plans or send us a message and we will take care of your maintenance from there.

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