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Setting up your ‘G Suite’ account

Susanna Townsend | November 1, 2016


No business can think of surviving without an email client that adequately fulfills its communication needs – it’s an absolute essential.

Today’s post is about Gmail’s paid version called G Suite and how to set it up. While Gmail’s free version is a complete solution in itself, serious businesses should consider using G Suite.

Why Pay?

G Suite offers a number of additional features that really make it worth paying for. Here are its salient features that aren’t available in Google’s free accounts:

  • Custom Email Domain: By signing up as a paying G Suite user, you can create your own email addresses containing your own domain name i.e. So, becomes
  • Enhanced Storage: When you are running a business, you simply cannot afford to run out of email storage space. With the G Suite, you can get twice (30GB) or even unlimited data storage, depending on the option you choose.
  • Maximum Uptime: Google promises a non-stop service for its paid users. By paying a small amount, you get a 99.99% guaranteed uptime!
  • Customer Support: This feature is missing in the free version but with G Suite, you can simply pick up the phone when you’re stuck or drop them a line for help.
  • Easy Syncing: The paid version allows to integrate other apps with your Google account and keep them synced.


Google’s G Suite starts from £3.30 inc VAT per user per month

You can view the plans here


How to Sign Up for G Suite

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide for setting up for your G Suite account.

1. Sign Up

First of all, you need to sign up for this service. Doing this will enable you to select your desired plan, authorise your users and then select your desired apps.

Start off by heading over to the G Suites’ main page and then click on the Start Free Trial button.



The next page will be your sign up form which will ask for details like your name, work email, business name, the number of employees, your country/region, and your phone number.

setting up your google apps for work account

Click Next after entering your information.

2. Domain Configuration

In the 2nd step, Google will ask you to attach your own domain with Google Apps by verifying it.

Here you will see 2 options. You can either configure your existing domain with Google Apps or buy a new domain. In this guide, we will be covering the first option i.e. integrating your existing domain with Google Apps.

setting up your google apps for work account

After entering your domain name, click the Next button to proceed.

3. G Suite account setup

On the next page, you will be asked to create your Google Apps username and set your password which will be used for your future logins.

setting up your google apps for work account

Click on the ‘Accept and sign up’ button when done.

4. Create Users

Once you are logged in to the G Suite system, here you can create as many users as you require. [Reminder: Google charges you on the basis of per user per month, which means that each new user will be charged separately].

5. Set up Google services

Now you can activate the required Google services. All your users will be able to access the services that you activate here.

During this setup process, Google will offer you customized configurations for your business including options like migrating your existing emails and setting up Google Apps on mobile devices.

If you have followed this process precisely, you and your users (employees) should now be able to use G Suite seamlessly.

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