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digiDen WebCare

Approval Terms for CLASSIC Web Hosting

By submitting my name, email address and website domain name below I am officially certifying that I want to opt for digiDen Creative Media’s CLASSIC Web Hosting. I understand that the software and database that runs my website will not be updated which can leave my website open to vulnerabilities. I understand that my website will only be backed up once a month, so if it breaks or gets hacked since the date of last back up I may loose the new content or work that had been carried out on my website in this time. I understand that if I need any support or help with my website I will need to purchase a 'WebCare Time Block’ before digiDen can begin work on my website.  I also concur that I do not hold digiDen Creative Media responsible for any and all performance issues, down-time or hacks that might happen to my site during states of vulnerability.