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Top 4 Reasons for Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Susanna Townsend | September 14, 2018

Top 4 Reasons for Having a Mobile-Friendly Website

Can you afford to block out almost half of your website visitors? Nobody can.

But having a website that is not optimised for mobile devices means just that because almost half of your traffic is coming from there.

If you are still not paying enough attention to a responsive website, let me assure you that you are leaving almost half your digital opportunities on the table.


Here are the top 4 reasons for having a mobile-friendly website:

  1. Almost half of your traffic is mobile – By choosing to ignore the mobile-friendliness of your website, you are setting up your business to miss 42% of your total traffic. According to Statista, 42% of UK’s internet users grab a smartphone to connect to the internet! Crunch the numbers yourself to see what 42% lesser traffic actually means.
  2. Google loves mobile – Mobile-friendliness of your website is a major consideration for your Google SEO ranking. Google punishes websites that are not mobile-friendly! So no matter how hard you try to rank high in for your keywords, Google will just not listen to you.
  3. Your brand’s image is at stake – Imagine where would a company’s brand image stand if its customers walked into a dishevelled store? Would they recommend anyone to go there? Serving a scrambled website to all mobile users equals to a rumpled store.
  4. Mobile users convert – Research says that conversion rates for mobile visitors are much higher. According to CXL, after optimising their websites for mobile, businesses have managed to boost their sales by up to 377.6% for iPhone users alone!

In a nutshell, mobile is inevitable. If you don’t like leaving solid opportunities on the table, there is no option other than optimising your website for mobile users. And this is true regardless of your industry, type or size of business, or any other parameter.

Going mobile may sound like a one-click task to some but in reality, it requires meticulous planning and advanced technical expertise. It is best to hand this important job to a professional who can make your website 100% fluid and adaptable to all sizes of devices.

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