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Visual Branding – The Lifeline of Your Business

Susanna Townsend | July 14, 2018

Visual Branding - The Lifeline of Your Business

Hundreds of startups take their first steps every day. According to the Companies House, 167,717 new companies were incorporated in the UK, between January and March 2018 only! How hard, do you think, it is to get lost in this haystack?

A great way to stand out from this ever-growing crowd is to showcase your unique brand personality through compelling visual branding elements. Start thinking about your business logo, website, color palette, and your stationery.

And that is not the end.

You need to make sure that all the cogs on your branding wheel are consistent with each other. This internal harmony is known as “Integrated Marketing Communications”. Marketing maestro, Philip Kotler defined it as “the concept under which a company carefully integrates and coordinates its many communications channels to deliver a clear, consistent message”.

Here is why having clear and integrated brand identity is important:

  1. Enhanced ROI
    When you broadcast a vivid and consistent brand to your audience through all your marketing channels, the chances to be noticed and remembered are greatly increased. Now your customers will be more inclined to act on your call to action, when it’s time to make a purchase.
  1. Trust Building
    Being unique makes your brand memorable. Being consistent makes your brand trustworthy. Your target audience will consider you brand to be more consistent based on the fact that your branding messages are coherent across all channels.
  1. Cost Saving
    Identical or similar branding elements mean you don’t have to pay extra for different logos, design, photography, copy and other brand assets. All you need is a little modification to optimise it for a particular channel or purpose.

A Great Branding Example

AirBnB is the perfect candidate for studying best practices in branding. Here is a wonderful resource that dissects the AirBnB brand and its various elements. And this link will take you to AirBnB’s design agency’s website where they talk about their work in detail.


The AirBnB Logo


The Story Behind The AirBnB Logo


Given today’s challenge of countless media channels to choose from, you need to pick your options very carefully and then stay consistent with your integrated marketing efforts.

Your choice of the design agency needs thorough evaluation as well. After all, this could be your brand’s make-or-break decision.

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