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Our 'Web Strategy, Design & Development' process has been tried and tested shuffled around and tried and tested again until we had a smooth and enjoyable journey from start to finish.

Regularly designing and developing websites, we use a favourite set of tools that are reliable and robust.

Pre-project Checklist & Research

First of all, we like to establish a working relationship and to define the aims and goals of your website project. To do this, we ask you to complete a ‘Website Worksheet’. From the information provided we can see if we will work well together and are a good fit. We need you to have goals, an audience, time, a budget and passion!

We then start the research, and in some cases we request a ‘Discovery Workshop’ service to thrash out all the finer details of the project.

Once our initial research and Discovery Workshop is complete we provide you with a comprehensive proposal to outline your goals and our solutions with a structured project process and the investment needed to take your business to the next level.

Phase:1 // Project Kick Off

Once your deposit is received we kick the project off to a good start by setting down some solid foundations. We use various web tools to project manage, collect the website copy, schedule deadlines, keep correspondence, file sharing and project processes running smoothly.

Using the web tool 'MURAL' we collaborate to structure your website into a clear and user-friendly format. Other than this becoming the sitemap and on page SEO plan it is used as a visual guide for your content creation.

You can supply the content for your website or if required our seasoned content writer will get in touch with you to understand your needs and the results you are looking for.
We also finalise the required functionality and establish your business social media networks

At this stage we ask that you approve your website text and subscribe to a digiDen WebCare Plan so we can move onto Phase 2.

Phase:2 // Wireframes & Prototypes

With more research specifically aimed at your audience and their online experience we create wireframe or prototype mockups* of the agreed webpages.

We move on to the setting up the website staging area, structuring your websites sitemap/page hairchy and adding your content.

*mockups are not written in stone

Phase:3 // Design of Website Interface

Now's the REALLY fun part!

With design research, we pull together your visual branding, colour palettes, typography, imagery and photography into moodboards to stylise the overall feel of the website. From the moodboards, we design the website interface.

At this point, your next investment instalment is due, and once received we move on to putting all this research and design into the development of the working website.

Phase:4 // Development & Integration

We then go under the hood and get our hands dirty developing your website, ensuring it is fully responsive and testing it in different browsers. We integrate the functionality you require including newsletter, blog and social media.

This is when the site really comes to life…. when we implement the design. Again we do cross browser & responsive checks to make sure the chosen design will work on all modern mobile devices and computers.

Phase:5 // Pre-launch Testing

Check, check and check again - the pre-launch testing runs through all setting, requirements and baggage we have picked up throughout the build, we clean everything and make sure all nuts and bolts are working as they should.

When the final investment instalment is made we book the launch date… Very exciting!

Phase:6 // Launch & Marketing Kick Off

As it says on the tin, its time for take off! We remove the staging area of your website so you can show it off to the world. There will be a handover consultation to make sure you are comfortable with how to move on and utilise this powerful marketing machine you invested in.

To start some initial exposure of your new site, we will complete a marketing kick off which will consist of a newsletter going out to our subscribers asking them to ‘check out this new website’ and the same for both digiDen and your companies social media networks. We also publish a portfolio page about your website in our blog and share links to that.

Once all is said and done there is no need to feel alone, we are always here to support you and answer any questions you may have. As you have chosen one of our 'WebCare Plans' you can rest assured your brand new shiny website is being well looked after!

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