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Website Text Content Pointers

Susanna Townsend | May 14, 2014

When supplying the text for the individual pages of your website there are a few things you need to bear in mind that will help your websites ranking in google and other search engines.


This will also be used as your ‘Focus Keyword’.


This is a description of the page content, it should be no longer than 156 characters but as close to as possible.


This is what this particular page is all about, just this one subject.  It must be included in the first sentence of the copy and it should also be used a couple more times throughout the page, but not to often as it will appear to be spammy.  Make sure that this is the only page about this subject.  Have links from other pages to this page using this focus keyword.


Make sure there are at the very least 300 words on each page and if possible without it looking cheap or just taken from the internet, have an image.  Have outgoing links to other sites & pages within your site.  Make sure the content is relative and easy to read.  Brake it up into paragraphs, bullet points etc.

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