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What are digiDen Add Ons?

Susanna Townsend | January 14, 2019


A website is at the core of a business’ marketing plan – it’s the skeleton that holds up the marketing structure. But just like a building’s core structure isn’t enough, a website alone is not enough to make your business stand out. A professional web design and marketing agency has a number of value added solutions that complement the website’s marketing function.

Our current range of services are a result of working closely with our diverse clientele for well over a decade. Our experienced team has designed a range of supplementary solutions that are geared towards enhancing your website’s results. These additional services, aka digiDen Add Ons, are designed to comprehensively cover all your business’s design needs.

Most of the web design agencies out there develop a website for you but lack the wide range of additional services required to make it a success. Their clients are seen struggling to source different providers to meet all their design requirements.

Our basic idea behind offering these solutions is simple: We want to take the stress out of the marketing design aspect of your business. Our Add Ons make sure that your brand design offers a memorable visual treat for your audience.

Through these solutions, you will get our support precisely for the projects that you need help with, which makes it convenient as well as cost effective for you.

For example, if you need help with your digital marketing campaign, we can offer to design a vast range of materials including digital flyers, ebooks, newsletters among many others.

Whether you need visual branding from scratch or some help with your website acceleration, we have it all completely covered with digiDen Add Ons.

Explore the range to see some examples of the customised solutions that we offer. As a company that thrives on producing bespoke projects for our clients, we can’t possibly showcase all the Add Ons. So if you need anything that isn’t listed on our website yet, feel free to get in touch with us HERE and we will be happy to take it from there.

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susanna townsend


A gifted digital designer as well as the founder of digiDen Creative Media. Susanna is a creative who enjoys taking her clients’ brands to the next level with her strong aesthetics and tech-savviness. Since 2005, an ever-growing list of diverse businesses has come to rely on her digital visual solutions to achieve their business results. Susanna has a strong passion for visual design, imagery, technology, her animals, and the beach!

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