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WhatsApp – A Powerful Business Communication Tool

Susanna Townsend | June 1, 2017


Establishing effective communication is the key to a successful working arrangement. At digiDen, we have personally observed that clarity and speed of communication with our client really contributes to the quality of our final product.

So, on our quest to provide the very best quality, we decided to choose a communication platform that is:

  • Convenient for you to use, and
  • Offers all the key features required to bounce ideas around

Why Do We Recommend WhatsApp?

Using this criteria, we sized up many options and WhatsApp made it to the top of the list.  Why? Because WhatsApp:

  • offers a multitude of robust options that are practical and supportive for sharing and discussing creative ideas.
  • is already being personally used by many of us- so there is no learning curve to waste our time and energy.
  • is totally free to download and use.
  • is available on all major platforms including Android, iOS, desktop, and web-based applications.


Before we have a detailed look at the main features of this robust messenger, here are the three platform options for staying connected to your network:

  • WhatsApp for your smartphone – WhatsApp started out as a smartphone-only application and offered other options later on. WhatsApp has an app for all the major phone-operating systems including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and  Nokia. Installing it on your phone is quite easy. You simply need to go to the relevant store app in your phone and search for WhatsApp. Once found, simply touch the install button and follow the instructions.
  • WhatsApp Web – After experiencing a huge success on smartphones, WhatsApp was introduced as a web application. Now you can easily open it right inside your internet browser. WhatsApp Web offers the flexibility of using your messenger on any desktop computer and it will automatically sync with all your other devices.

Logging in to WhatsApp Web isn’t rocket science. Simply head over to and scan the QR code using your phone’s camera. That’s it! You are now logged in to your messenger’s web application.

  • WhatsApp for your desktop (Mac and PC) – The latest addition to WhatsApp platforms is an installable application for your desktop PC or Mac. This allows you to install the messenger on your desktop system, be it a Mac or PC. To get the file for installation, simply head over to WhatsApp’s Download page and select your system. After the download is complete, open the file and follow the instructions. You’re now set up to use it on your desktop computer.



Now that you know all access points for using WhatsApp; it’s time to have a look at its main features. Our experience at digiDen shows that the features offered by WhatsApp fully satisfy our needs for creative interactions with our clients.

Here is a list of the salient features you can use to communicate with us effectively:

  • Text Messaging – The primary function of this powerful messenger is its text messaging. You can also forward text messages to another chat or group simply by holding that message and then selecting the right arrow option from the popup menu. This eliminates the need for retyping a particular message which needs to be shared. Moreover, the array of emoticons and smileys available will help you communicate your thoughts more clearly and effectively.
  • Group Messaging – WhatsApp allows you to create groups and add contacts of your choice. This feature lets us add people who are working on a project- allowing them to communicate seamlessly.
  • Automatic Sync across all your devices – WhatsApp takes care of all the updates in all your chats, regardless of which platform you are using. This means that even if you talked to someone using your desktop application, you will see those messages when you open WhatsApp on your phone or in your internet browser.
  • Video and Voice Calls – WhatsApp has a powerful video option as well as a voice-only calling option. It has great quality and connects without any lag.
  • Media Sharing – A very strong option that is an absolute necessity in web design projects is media sharing. WhatsApp wins in this area as well by offering seamless sharing of all types of files including video, image, sound, and document files. Using this facility, you can share any idea you have and discuss it with us.
  • Voice Messaging – WhatsApp’s voice messaging is a handy tool for sharing quick snippets of your voice. Now you don’t have to worry if an idea strikes you at an odd time or place – just press the record button, say whatever you’ve got to say, and release the button. Stay assured that we will listen to it soon.


Now that you are aware of the major WhatsApp features, it’s time to go pro and have a look at some not-very-common ‘insider’ options:

  • Font options – You can make your text bold or italicise it to make your message even clearer. To italicise your message, place an underscore on both sides of the text, like this:

_this text is italic_

To bold your text, place an asterisk on both sides of the text, like this:

*this text is bold*

(Just remember: Underscore=Italic and Asterisk=Bold)

  • Add dates to your calendar – If there is a date or time mentioned in a chat, the date will appear blue and underlined. Just tap on the hyperlink and it will give you the option to “Create Event” in your calendar.
  • Customise your notification ringtones for different chats or contacts – You can also change the notification settings- including sounds for incoming individual and group chats, in-app notifications, and incoming message ringtones. This way you know you sent you a message or call without even picking up your phone. Visit this link to get the detailed instructions for setting up custom notifications.
  • Star important messages – The Starred Messages feature allows you to highlight and pin a specific message so you can quickly refer back to it later. To star a message, tap and hold the message you wish to star. Tap the Star icon appearing on top of the screen.

To view the list of messages you’ve starred, open WhatsApp, tap on the Menu Button and then tap on Starred messages.

  • Backup your chats – While you’re using WhatsApp, make sure to backup your chats and media files in case you lose your data or your phone. To save your time and energy, WhatsApp lets you easily set up automatic backups for later retrieval. Here is a detailed article containing instructions for creating backups and retrieving those files when needed.

After going through these features and tips for using WhatsApp, we hope you now know why we are rooting for this wonderful messenger.

We strongly encourage you to make full use of all the available options and enjoy better communications – be it personal or related to your work.

Hope to see you there soon!

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