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WordPress 3.9.2 Security Release

Susanna Townsend | August 7, 2014


WordPress have just released their 3.9.2 version, this is a strongly recommended security update.

A critical WordPress vulnerability was discovered by a security researcher that would allow an intruder to launch a Denial of Service attack through a process that circumvents existing security measures. It exploits a loophole in XML-RPC parsing to deplete large amounts of CPU amd memory resources, resulting in increased latency and server downtime.

This vulnerability was present in all WordPress versions, prompting the people behind WordPress to release the 3.9.2 security update.
Some of your sites will automatically be updated which you can see from your dashboard and people on Managed WordPress Hosting  will of course be completely up to date.

If you are still pondering over the upgrade to Managed WordPress Hosting  check out the THREE Good Reasons why you should!

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Sucuri Security Team

WordPress Security Release


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